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The Studio


Located in a 4200 sqft industrial warehouse . A Quoz 2 . Dubai

CASTING/ANNEALING : programmable test kiln (2' x 1.5' x 1'), programmable production kiln of variable dimension (8' x 2' x 2' max , 4' x 2' x 2' min), programmable production kiln with variable heating (10' x 6' x 2'), 2 programmable annealer cum pick-up ovens (4' x 2' x 2'), portable steel trunk-style annealer cum pickup oven (3' x 1.5' x 1')

FLAMEWORKING : 2 Oxy-LPG bench torches with large and small flame options, Portable gas canisters for ephemeral or site-specific work,

MOLD-MAKING : Ceramic boards and papers, Sand, Plaster of Paris, Silica, Talc, Fibreglass strands, 2-part Silicones, Bees - Paraffin Wax, Clay, Induction heater, Wax-melting pot, Graphite, Steel, Wood,

COLDWORKING : 18" lap wheel (magnetic diamond grits 60, 100, 200, 360, 440, pre-polish and cerium), Pneumatic orbital sander with varying grits, Diamond Saw, Hand-held pneumatic cut-off tool, Lathe-style punty grinder, Pneumatic hand-engraver, Sanding belt (4" x 48") of varying grits, hand-lapping diamond pads, Sandblasting chamber,

GLASS BLOWING : Portable gas-fired crucible furnace cum glory hole approx 15 kg capacity, Electric crucible furnace 45 kgs capacity, Fibre Gloryhole (1' dia x 2.5' deep), Compressed air and LPG line, Yoke and track, Work bench and tools, Stainless Steel pipes and punties,

DIGITAL MEDIA : Nikon DSLR D90 with HD Video, Tripod Stand, Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium Suite, Final Cut Pro, MAX/MSP and Jitter, Arduino and Basic Stamp micro-controllers, Inkjet printer, Mac OS and Windows computers,

OTHER : Photo-sandblasting exposure unit, Screen printing supplies, Enamelling, Lamination, Wood-working and welding equipment, library, vehicle for transport.


clear lines by aimee sones

Aimee Sones . August - October 2011

Like many artist-in-residence programs, the opportunity to spend two months in a new environment and experience another point of view was at the heart of this two month exchange.  During this time, Sones continued her practice of integrating photographic work with kiln formed glass. She explored how these two might be integrated through the use of waterjet cutting.

Stine Bidstrup . October - December 2012



yuka + anjali is a curatorial team interested in the latent connections between glass and alternate / new media. We have hosted two exhibition series so far (in 2009 and 2010-11) and are currently seeking new curatorial voices for the project.

how is this glass ? blog
Creative Capital/Andy Warhol Arts Writers Grant




ChoChoma , as the little glassblowing girl is called, is the brand umbrella under which artisan-made glass products oriented towards successful styling and quality, explore new territories. Envisaged to be profit-shared, ChoChoma would like to use entrepreneurship as a gateway to grass-roots level empowerment of artisan communities and skilled employment in India.

Our last round of collaborations in 2004-05 resulted in collections of jewelry. Currently, we are exploring possibilities in custom fabrication and large-scale commissions. Please visit for details, or contact us for more information.