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What’s new with me

2024 : I created new works, including Tamra, seen here. These wall-mounted panels amplify the optical phenomenon of the Sheesh Mahal (palace of mirror) in order to speak about the invisible, scarred and fractured turbulences of our human condition.


2024 : I was awarded an Artist Resource Trust (A.R.T) Fund Grant from the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, MA, USA to pursue my research into NutriGlass, a zero-residue, artistic glass medium that offers itself up as nutrients to plant life while eroding back safely into the earth.


2024 : I undertook an apprenticeship in Bidri inlay craft, with master craftsman Rajkumar Nageshwar in Bidar, the native center of this tradition. Bidriware obtained a Geographical Indications (GI) registry in 2006 and involves intricately patterned silver inlay into blackened zinc based metal objects.

What I am looking at