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Glass Artisans

I seek to erode the notion of a self-contained object

Full Name: Anjali Srinivasan

From: India

First Days: 1996

In Ways such as these, I develop new ways of thinking about and experiencing our surrounding.

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Anjali Srinivasan’s background in creative practice stems from collaborations with traditional glass artisans in India since 1996, on research and design initiatives aimed at socio-economic empowerment.

She studied Accessories’ Design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi and holds a BFA cum laude from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. She earned the terminal degree of her field, a Masters in Fine Arts degree, with honors, from Rhode Island School of Design in 2007 with a keen interest in glass and digital media.

Her work has been recognized by the 2016 Swarovski Designer of the Future Award, the 2017 Jutta Cuny- Franz Memorial Award, the 2017 Irwin Borowsky International Prize in Glass Arts and the 35th Rakow Commission by the Corning Museum of Glass in 2020. She is also recipient of a Creative Capital / Andy Warhol Foundation Grant for Art Writers and grants from the American Association for University Women Education Foundation. Most recently, she was named a Brother Thomas Fellow in 2023 and nominated for the United States Artist Fellowship in 2024. (IS THIS PARA NEEDED?)

Anjali lives and works between Bengaluru, India and Boston, USA, where she is Associate Professor, Fine Arts 3D at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. As an educator, she guides students on how a rigorous investigation of matter speaks to creative sustenance. As artist, she remains invested in inter- disciplinary research and cross-cultural interventions that build original knowledge and empathy. Currently, her research is invested in notions of ‘biological craftspersonship’, ‘crowd-created’ entities and ‘earth-based’ fabrication in the fields of sustainability and social engagement.


I seek to erode the notion of a self-contained object.

My works exhibit unusual behaviour through a profound transformation of material and by activating their environment unexpectedly. I make responsive entities: toys, tools, devices and installations – which are incomplete without human presence.They remain unfulfilled without human participation. To this end, I discover, access and restructure fundamental information that is held in the material, phenomenon or situation at hand – glass, spices, the internet, emergent technologies, human movement.

… A wearable, reflective, glass glove comes to life in the moment of a handshake,
…A flexible glass drape collects and disperses one’s reflection on its surface with every movement,
… My porous glass invention looks to the human hand to cultivate plants on its charred, sterile surface….

In ways such as these, I develop new ways of thinking about and experiencing our surroundings.
I am interested not in what is, but what can be.