Abu Dhabi Art Limited Edition Prints

Imagine Sheikh Zayed laying at night, looking up at the night sky, contemplating each emirate as a unique star. The United Arab Emirates is the constellation he built, a nation that fosters the thriving autonomy of each of its stars, an Emirate. My prints use 7 “stars” to build dynamic constellations that connect them through sculptural glass elements that reflect the landscape of each Emirate. The clear glass bonds between points that mark the Emirates are real and tangible, yet delicate and invisible. They speak of both the stable balance as well as the precious nature of such close relationships. Each print in the edition is built on sand from an Emirate, and the same set of stars create different constellations across the print edition, thereby showcasing the dynamic, fluid and creative identity of the UAE.
Year: 2018
Dimensions: 18” L x 18” W x 6” D
Media: Clear glass filaments on sand from each of the seven (United Arab) Emirates, resin, archival white matte board, black wood frame