Beyond Ceiling, Dancing Lights and Building Dots

Reflective glass spheres suspended from the ceiling engage 3 actions: 1. in daylight, the viewer sees an egocentric 360 degree map of her location, the balls appearing as a grid of gemstones set in bezels. 2. In darkness, the viewer enters with a small lamp to find herself underneath a starry sky. These stars move according to her gestures, as though a personal constellation. 3. The movement of the participant under this portable night sky is transmitted via processed video to a transluscent projection surface elsewhere.
Year: 2006
Dimensions: (Installation) 10’L x 10’W x 10’ H within closed space of variable dimensions, (video projection )variable dimensions, (print-objects) 22” L x 22” w x 6” D;
Media: Mirrorized blown glass, incandescent light source, inhabitant, mini-camera, digital projection on frosted glass, flame worked glass on archival matte board
View of installation from side (T) and below (B).
Installation at night in candlelight, from below (M), side (inset).
Dancing Lights, excerpt from performance under installation

A series of 49 digital print-structures are generated using flame worked clear glass, from studies of the performer’s movements underneath the installation, Beyond Ceiling.

(R). Print-object resulting from connecting the dots (stars) of the installation. (L). Set of 49 images.