Puffy Glass can grow mold. The interior side of Door cultivates a field of mold amidst weeds in a bed of Puffy Glass sealed under a sheet of acrylic. The door’s exterior contains the same mixture, only charred using an oxy-propane torch so that the glass particles in the mixture coagulate into specks. Thus, while the active partner (glass) manifests on the outer side of the door as a field of spit, dew and charred soil, the inside is a moist forest of mold engulfing the green weeds as facilitated by decay of flour. In this way, Puffy Glass gives life to dead matter. The door, in turn became a container for both facets of the material.
Year: 2006
Dimensions: 80″H x 48″W x 2.5″D
Media: Glass + Flour = Puffy Glass, mold, moisture, weeds, hardware, acrylic sheet.
Detail of door’s exterior; (Inset) Installation view.
Detail of door’s interior side; (Inset) Installation view.