Ephemeral, transparent structure(s) composed of web-like glass filaments are co-created by participants in public space. I set up basic rules for building a self-supporting, endlessly propagating form and invite people to build portions of the structure. On-site guidance initiates participants to the flame working technique of Networking that involves welding glass at specific points. The outcomes are constantly-mutating structure(s) that people help build, destroy, engage around. These crowd-created object are not predetermined inn design and are generated through many small actions of its participants.
Year: 2015 onwards
We created an arch with the help of 247 people over a period of 6 days. Built by visitors of Dubai Design Week, 2015.
Details of the arch (L-R) : Flame welding glass rods, Instructing a visitor on how to use the torch, Transmission of colored light through glass rods at night.

Introduction to this body of work. Video credit: Riikka Haapasaari / ChoChoMa Studios.
A spring created at the Jutta Cuny-Franz Memorial Award exhibition for the Kunstmuseum Palast, Dusseldorf, 2017.
Students at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, co-created a glass bridge during an Irwin Borowsky International Prize in Glass Arts workshop in 2017. Photo credit : Carmichael Jones.
~60 participants at the Chrysler Museum of Art created a spiral spanning 12 ft in diameter, with a path to walk to its center, over a period of ~6 hours. Hosted by the Perry Glass Studio’s Third Thursday Performance series, 2018. Collaboration with Dr. Kevin Patton, who generated music from the sounds of our flame and tools. Photo credit : Echerd Wheeler

Sounds of a Flame, a short video from the Chrysler Museum of Art, documenting the collaborative performance night at the Perry Glass Studio, 2018. Following the intentional collapse of the structure, participants created mementoes using the fragments from object-breaking.

Students of glass facilitating the building of a structure at Pioneer Square in Seattle, during Glass as Social Practice workshop at Pilchuck Glass School, 2017.
Student of Social Practice: Environmentalism at Pilchuck Glass School guiding a participant in public space, 2019.